Tuesday, June 22, 2021

{Seabrook 2021: Tuesday}

This morning we made a memory that will most definitely last a lifetime...

We knew that the forecast was calling for a rainy week but we've gotten some of the best beach weather we've ever had.  So, we looked closely at when the rain was supposed to be arriving and figured we still had time for a nice morning walk on the beach across the street.  Wyatt had gone to have coffee with his buddy so it was just Scott and myself with Bear and the girls.  It's a known fact in our home that I like a good walk...and I mean a good, good long walk.  Beach walks are my thing and I've been known to walk to the literal ends of the islands many times before only to have to carry kids back because their little legs were just worn out.  I promised that this walk would be different but then we got out there and it was lovely and the kids were having so much fun that I just said "Let's just go to the end!"  The clouds were billowing up over Edisto and headed quickly our way...but that forecast still said we had plenty of time, remember?  

Well, as soon as we made it to almost the end, the heavens opened the the rain began.  If you've never had the pleasure of experiencing rain on the beach let me share that it feels something like a million little needles pegging you quickly over and over when the water meets the wind.  We all turned around and began jogging back...nearly a mile and a half away to where our shoes were lying and the beach access boardwalk took us back to the condo.  The girls ran with me and did so well.  We were encouraging each other and saying how proud we were of each other to keep on going and then AG began praying outloud to Jesus to not let us get struck by lightning and for us to make it home safely.  Sweet girl's legs can get pretty weak pretty quickly so I scooped her up and carried her part of the way...while giving God glory that my broken body was capable of even doing that.  I don't share often about my autoimmune diseases but it has just been in the last few months that I've been having more good days than bad...and I even just began running a little on my morning treadmill time.  Once again, I could see a glimpse of why God has allowed me to have the strength to run...training me for the last few weeks for this moment...the one where my daughter with low tone and dysautonomia and phantom leg pains needed me.  Another reason to rejoice in the rain! 

AJ was a rockstar.  That little firecracker has energy to spare and she ran like the wind the entire way without stopping.  Yes, the daughter that needed heart surgery before her 5th birthday but never needed it after all.  That little sunshine kept running and laughing and telling me that I was a "rockstar mommy".  They made running in the rain the most fun! 

Scott and Luke were a little behind us...Scott having just endured a pretty painful injury of taking an 80+ mph fastball to his shin last week.  Catching for Bubba comes with a risk! 

After a beautiful day, I asked AG what her favorite part of the beach has been so far and she said "Running in the rain!"  I know we'll always remember the memories this morning gave us.

The rest of the day we rested and read and rested some more.  Just after lunch, the rain cleared for a gorgeous sunset on the beach and family bike ride around the island.  Scott took the kids for an ice cream date surprise to give me a little time to tidy up around the condo.  I'm that mom that likes to do laundry while on vacation so I have less to do at home...so I had some time to do that and watch the golfers on the 18th green as our condo overlooks that hole and lagoon where "Allie" the alligator cruises by every so often.  Oh Seabrook, how we adore you & the memories we've made here for the last 11 years...

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