Tuesday, April 27, 2021

{Loose Tooth}

 AJ has been telling us for about a week that she has a loose tooth!  Her first and she is sooooo happy!  Scott's the tooth puller around here so he's wiggled it a little and then reported back to me that it wasn't ready yet.  Well, apparently our little Dubble Bubble wasn't having that and spent the majority of last night working and wiggling that sucker as best she could.  She awoke me bright and early this morning telling me that it was coming out!  

I discovered, however, that it was indeed much looser than I thought but that it still had some time.  Basically, I just didn't want to have to be the one pulling a tooth or dealing with it.  Mama don't do teeth except to brush and floss! 

By mid-morning, she'd worked on it some more and that thing was barely hanging on!  I went to wiggle it a little and lo and behold the thing came out!  Only took me 17 years of this parenting gig to finally pull out my first tooth (including all the ones in my own head as a kid).  She was so brave and a little traumatized but super excited to get it out and declare to everyone that she could finally hold her "loose tooth"...which, I have explained numerous time today, is no longer loose.

It's a big night around here...getting everything ready for the Tooth Fairy AND a big birthday to celebrate tomorrow!!!  

And...of course I had to take some photos of my darling Dub and her new toothless grin!  Wearing my cardigan- as she still reminds me over and over how much she wants to be just like Mama...and my heart is melted!!!  Home forever 3 years ago yesterday and losing her first tooth today!  What a gift she is! 

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