Monday, April 26, 2021

{More Ball...}

 Because I have a lot of these and these sweet squares get printed each year into what are surely our favorite books in the house!  It's been a season of change and learning character lessons and he has thrived. Grateful to have these moments...

Another Friday night start...this time at River Bluff...which is strong competition for sure!  We ended up losing 1-0...but it's pretty hard to win a game when your team doesn't get a single hit.  He kept his head up and battled hard.  Truly a great game with great pitching on both sides! 

From last week's game against Lexington at home...Bubba started and got taken out in the 4th when he had his team up 9-0.  Thankfully, Chapin held onto the win after he came out and the final score was 10-4. 

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