Saturday, May 01, 2021


 How is even possible that my firstborn is only a year from being considered a legal adult???  I cannot even wrap my mind around how quickly time has flown! 

Typically, we take school off for birthdays but since he's only taking two courses outside of the home and his Anatomy & Physiology lab happened to be on his birthday this year, he still had school.  Boo!  He also spends his Wednesdays at our church for his internship and then baseball as usual every afternoon.  We still managed a fun birthday blueberry muffin breakfast together and then celebrated again at dinner.  Our hope is to have some friends over in a couple of weeks when it's a little bit warmer and the pool not so chilly for a pool & pizza party.  But, we definitely still had to get some celebrating in! 

Sweaty kids that have been playing outside all afternoon & one just in the door from ball practice makes for a fun photo we will always know was real life! Bubba told me weeks ago that he wanted an Oreo cake that I made years ago for one of Bear's birthdays.  It's a double chocolate bundt cake with buttercream icing & crumbled Oreos on top!  All gluten free, of course! The sugar content however...

This was the moment he realized that I bought sparkler candles!  Someone was not amused! ha! 

And this is the face that a 17 year old big brother makes to his little brother when little brother is taking random pictures.  Oh goodness! 

Grateful God gave us this one and expectant as to what He is going to do in his life.

Happy Birthday, Bubba!  We sure do adore you!  

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