Monday, April 12, 2021

{Having Fun in Hand-me-downs!}

 The girls were given a bag full of beautiful dresses from The Smith girls not too long ago.  Their family has 5 gorgeous girls that have done some modeling in the past for online boutiques and now that her girls are bigger she thoughtfully passed along some of the modeling attire to mine! We have begun the great closet clean-out that occurs around this time each year...where I switch out my winter clothes for summer ones and realize how quickly the girls have grown once again...and just how nothing fits them!  The boys...well, that's a whole other story!  I can't even get their pants to last a few months, much less half a year! 

Thankfully, we have the sweetest hand-me-downs for the girls this summer...which I think may last us a couple of years!  That's the great things about girl clothes...they are dresses one year and tunics the next.  

The girls adore how the dresses twirl, of course, and wanted some photos...and I happily obliged! 

She begged me to take a "silly" picture and this is what she does!  Silly girl! 

Making their getaway! 

After taking a few in our yard, we headed to the end of our driveway for a few photos at the old vacant farmhouse because the AZALEAS!!!!  

Once again... trying to sneak out of some photos! 

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