Thursday, April 08, 2021

{Easter 2021}

 We kicked off Resurrection Sunday a little early since both Bubba and I had to be at church bright and early to lead worship/play in the band.  We decided to reinstate our summer Saturday special dinner of grilling out and then the kids got their Easter baskets.  It was so fun to get to do that early! 

We had the kids go upstairs while we assembled the baskets and set them out as they would typically find them on Sunday morning. 

AJ was the first down the stairs and ready to open, of course! 

Obligatory photo of them all! :) 

Bubba always asks for Pop-tarts for Easter since we never buy them (I've never seen gluten free ones and am not about to take on that task of making them from scratch!).  They are his annual treat I suppose! 

Lots of fun stuff for the floats, noodles and swim trunks for the boys. 

The girls got Ring Pops (also something they never have and were super excited about).  They got some pajamas and "yard" shoes too!

After church on Sunday, we hurried home to take a few photos in the front yard and then get to Grandaddy's house for lunch and their favorite Easter egg Hunt (he fills their eggs with money!).

After lunch it's time for the EGG HUNT!!!

Bear had to wait an additional 30 seconds after the girls began so he was watching that timer closely!

Bubba helped Dub and my heart melted.

And this is the face AJ makes when you find an egg just seconds before she does.  Bless! 

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