Wednesday, April 14, 2021

{Zoo Day}

We found Annabelle's Brick! 

The goats had an odor...

and liked to chew on ruffles! 

The first carousel ride had them all on the pandas, of course! 

We had so much fun today!  Bubba needed to take a college placement test to dual enroll next year in college courses so we dropped him off bright and early to take the test.  The rest of us then headed to the zoo for a fun morning of sunshine and critters.  Bubba ended up finishing sooner than we we ran back to pick him up and headed back to the zoo for more fun.  We fed the lorikeets (twice- Bubba was not a fan but at least he gave it a go!), petted the goats, took a ride on the carousel twice, saw the bears devour salmon, Dub found the tiger when the rest of us couldn't (being the littlest came in handy with the lower view), saw cottonmouth moccasins mating, identified tons of sea creatures from our recent "Oceans" unit and the kids even talked me into getting them Icees!  We also learned that Panda is a natural bird lady and, as we knew, she has no fear of any animal!  Dub, however, could care less about letting birds fly around her and didn't like them "scream in my ears!".  Bear was there for all of it and Bubba even sat on the bronze turtle for a photo!  He's truly the best big kid sport ever! 

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