Saturday, March 13, 2021

{Dubbie's FIVE!!!}

There was no question what our littlest princess wanted for her special day when I asked a few weeks ago..."fingernails and make-ups!"  A Pamper Party, it was! 

She had the most fun planning this with me...from picking out the colors, spa headbands, silly paper face masks & allll the food...this was truly her party.  I took a few liberties to thrill her and get some giant squeals out of her though!

The weather was gorgeous so we were able to do a good bit out on the screened porch and enjoy the fresh air.  She invited her girl cousins, Aly & Jayne, and her two sweetest friends, MollyKate & Charlotte.  She also got two of her big girl cousins to come as they were painting nails and helping with the make-up. Thankfully, her brothers were good sports and even got involved! :) 

The face mask table.  It was so funny because before 2020 no one would have ever thought that when I said we are going to do face masks that it would be anything other than the fun spa ones.  We had grandparents in the 2020 face masks & kids in the smelly, yummy, refreshing ones!

I had an idea while listening to a sermon last week to add Truth to the girly, vanity goodies.  So I asked a sweet friend with a fancy sticker machine if she could help me out and we put sparky Scripture on the back of their mirrors to take home as a constant reminder that they are perfect just the way they are...fearfully & wonderfully made! 

The nail & makeup station.  I hit the jackpot at a local indoor yard sale a while back with a lady getting out of the Mary Kay business.  She had a shoebox of samples and we got them all for a steal! 

Dub's "Trail Mix Bar"...she may have snuck more than her share of M&Ms while waiting for her friends to arrive!

She requested chocolate cake and cupcake with pink icing.  And she got it! 

The "Spa Snack" area.  

More goodies to take home! 

I tried to get a closeup on these darling little crystal snack trays that I found at a yard sale.  I spotted them in a box all wrapped up under the table and asked but wasn't willing to pay $20 for the whole box- a service for 8.  By the time we got back to that table, the trays and little cups were still there so Scott offered half price and the lady said "sold"!  We couldn't believe it!  I truly didn't need them but just thought they were adorable.  She threw in another set of daisy plates and teacups and a vase and a glass snail for "if you ever have a fancy garden party".  Anyways, I looked them up with I got home and found that they are vintage and super pricey.  I paid $10 for all of them (plus the other freebies) and each set is worth anywhere from $20-40 online.  So, my service for 8 would easily go for 15-20 times what I paid for it.  Crazy!  They truly are darling and I am sure we'll put them to good use around here!

Sweet sisters ready for the Pamper Party! 

and OF COURSE I had to get a little photo shoot in with the Birthday Girl! 

Her guests have arrived...time for painting fingernails...

and face masks...

and makeup!

And finally CAKE!!!   

I am praying that I remember the face she made to only me right after blowing out her candles forever.  She was so proud and so happy and so full of joy...knowing in her deepest places that she is loved and home and grafted in the most beautiful way into my heart.  Gracious, I adore her and praise God for letting me call her mine. 

My sweetest Double Bubble Sunshine Girl turned FIVE today!  Ailee James Xuan, you light up our family!  God knew we needed your joy bringing, laughter abounding, quick wit & soul healing self and gave us the biggest blessing in the midst of the our hardest days when He gave us YOU to celebrate.  We adore you and are forever grateful we get to be yours! A WHOLE HAND, baby girl!!!

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