Thursday, February 25, 2021

{Enjoying the Sunshine}

 Finally some warmth and sunshine in the wet & rainy South!  I am not sure but I would imagine we are close to some kind of record high on rainfall...or at least it seems.  So, as soon as the sun pops out we are the first to wrap up school & go soak it up! Some warmer days makes us all so much happier...and makes mama want to grab some of that glorious natural light in photos.  Thankfully, the girls are pretty happy to oblige! 

The girls are looking more and more like little girls and less like my babies...especially with their beautiful hair down.  Little glimpses of the future and I can only think one thing..."Daddy better start cleaning his guns soon!"  ha! 

I just adore this photo of Dub...she's such a busy, curious little spirit. I love the wind blowing her hair back and her gorgeous profile. 

And Bear had his first baseball practice too!  Last week all practices were rained out but finally we got a good one in! It is only a matter of days and we will be back at the ballpark full-time again.  The season we LOVE around here! 

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