Wednesday, February 24, 2021

{7 Years of Forever}

 7 years ago today,  a tiny 12 pound baby girl nearly 17 months old was placed in our arms to love forever. She couldn't walk a step and could barely sit up. She babbled very little and had no vocabulary.  She only took a bottle thickened with rice cereal and had no concept of solid food or even what to do when we first put a spoon to her mouth.  She had a sinus infection and gastrointestinal distress that made your heart break even more as something so basic was torture for her.  She went to anyone and had no healthy form of attachment.  She had medical needs yet to be discovered that would lead to a lifetime of specialists and unknowns.  But now...she had love.  I stand in awe of all God has done in her by loving her through us.  Being His vessels 7 years ago sitting in a Civil Affairs office on the other side of our little globe and every day since has been harder than anything we ever imagined and even more glorious.  Our Panda girl has been far more a blessing to us than we ever could be to her.  The change in both our hearts is only the work of the One Who made us both and calls us both His precious darling girl who may have never known the One she worships so purely and loves more than anything else... and my stubborn self who needed a radical step of obedience to take me to the depths of His Abundant Grace.  Friends, I'm here to shout from the rooftops that LOVE WINS.  

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