Saturday, August 22, 2020

{Bear's All Boy Birthday Bash}

 When I asked Bear over a month ago what he would like to do for his birthday, his answer was "I want all boys!  Baseball first and then swimming!"  So, we made that happen for his ELEVENTH birthday!  

There may have been two other girls here but they live here {not including myself} so they were cheerleaders...if baseball ever had such a thing.  

The forecast was calling for rain this morning all week but thankfully it was gloriously overcast only!  I was asked if the weather is always this lovely in the country.  Just this morning!  

Bubba asked a couple good buddies if they would help "scrimmage" the younger kids and guests.  Those precious three teenage boys spent their Saturday morning playing ball in the front field with the kids and then stayed to swim and play spike ball and everything else in the pool.  What a blessing to have big boys that are so kind towards the younger ones! I know it made those younger kids weeks for sure to have that time with the big boys! 

After a sweaty scrimmage where the younger boys WON over the big kids {who, bless them, were having to hit opposite of the side they typically bat from and with a wooden broom handle nonetheless}, we headed inside for cake & ice cream...and presents!!!

Then they changed and headed to the pool! Spikeball and bottle cap and sneak and you name it!  They were rattling off game after game and all playing together.  Another unexpected treat! 

Simple & sweet is oftentimes the best way to be! Oh how we love our little birthdays at home! 

Happy 11th Birthday, my Bear!  

Panda decided to try to bat and she hit it on the first try!  Now, figuring out first base may have been a little more difficult for her.  :) 

Poor big boys batting with a broomstick! 

The birthday boy visiting his cheerleader. 

Gotta get a couple of my girls! 

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