Tuesday, August 25, 2020

{A Fast Little Friend}

 Last year, we began our school year with a friend just outside the lovely oversized window we have in our school room...a spider!  It was the cutest spider though.  It resembled a spiny crab and had such bright and brillant colors.  This year, we've been given another little friend to keep our eyes wandering to the front yard...a hummingbird! This one, however, likes to sit and look at us too.  It's quite amusing!  Typically, it will fly away just as soon as I grab my camera but today, we caught it!  

Here it is just perched atop the unbudded blossoms...tiny little thing! 

Panda practicing counting.  We are working on our teens!

Bear constantly turning around to watch our little friend.

And...in flight!  We began our homeschool year with a unit in Asia but this little visitor has made me wonder if we may should have begun with North American Birds.  Truly incredible creature! 

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