Monday, August 10, 2020

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Bubba loves fishing, baseball & guitar.  Bear's favorite foods are cake & tacos.  Panda wants to put on polish & makeup when she grows up.  AJ's favorite color is green.  AND...their favorite teacher is ME!  

Here's to a JOY-filled 11th, 5th, 2nd and PreK Year!!!

Today is the start of our 12th year homeschooling!  I absolutely cannot believe 12 years have flown by so quickly!  This is pretty much Wyatt's last year at home as most of his load is senior material.  Next year he'll mostly be dual enrolled in college!  Crazy! 

As usual, we had our first day back photos.  The oldest *may* have had to of been woken to come join us! ha!

Bless him!  He's not a fan of this picture stuff but he sure makes mama happy when he obliges so kindly. 

Now this boy is my early riser & was dressed {as well as helped the girls tie their dresses} and ready to go long before I was!  My rainbow baby boy is double digits and nearly 11 and leading the pack of littles well.

This girl is learning her letters & numbers this year and could NOT be more THRILLED!  She's got her bracelets on and her pocketbook on her shoulder and is ready to go! 

My precious Panda is definitely my most diligent student.  She works so hard and did excellent in her math this morning.  She also organized the applesauce pouches for me in the neatest, tidiest rows I've ever seen in my life!  The type A mama rejoiced! 

I have been working on some Youtube videos to help some sweet friends and anyone else navigate this journey as so many are finding themselves taking the leap of faith into homeschooling this year.  It has truly been such a blessing to our family!  

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