Friday, July 03, 2020

{Twirly Girls}

Nothing like finding a bulk of ribbon twirlers on Amazon for under $15!  Endless hours of play...just turn on the radio {Alexa, play Disney Princess Music- always does the trick!} and let them dance and twirl!  You may just find yourself joining in!

Right in her element!  

AG takes this very seriously!  I love the little focused look on her face!

Sweet Sisters

We've hit a whole new level of sass with this one!  She's turned four and run with it!  So much testing those boundaries...and usually with a smile on her face.  She keeps me busy!

When you have Mama all to yourself for a photo and you've got brothers who are always looking to photo bomb in any way they can.  Ha! I thought about photoshopping them out but this is real life and I LOVE IT!

This is us! 

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