Saturday, July 04, 2020

{Happy Birthday, America}

What a fun Fourth!  We swam just about all day {after a little yard work & house work} including kicking the kids out after about 4 hours to go inside for a little rest while Mommy & Daddy had the pool to ourselves.  It was so nice to float and catch up on all the things we can't discuss with little ears around.  Then, we grilled out our Saturday regular of burgers {blue cheese beef burgers for Scott & Wyatt and gluten free turkey burgers for the rest of us!}.  We surprised the kids with roasting marshmallows...and Bear built us a little fire pit out of some old bricks in lieu of lighting the bonfire {HA!} and some sparklers & Roman candles! The kids had the best time! The cutest was when AJ had just shoved an entire marshmallow in her mouth and had sticky fingers and all and I tried to take her picture.  I said "Dub, say cheese!" and she replied "I can't!"- her little mouth barely could move it was so full! But she sure was happy!   The boys got gloves and held the Roman candles themselves...and AJ got super brave and put a glove on and finally held a sparkler!  AG is afraid of absolutely nothing so she was all in from the first minute and begged to hold a Roman candle too...but no.  ;)

We are all headed to bed with hearts full of gratitude for this beautiful country we are blessed to call home.

Silly face photo!!!  Always their favorite! 

Bo immediately propped himself back up on the porch...his favorite spot to sit and watch the kids play.  Sweet boy! 

I sent the kids to go sit by him for a picture and immediately he rolls over for some tummy rubbing! 

This is Dub.  Typical.  Always my sass pot! 

I ask the kids to run outside for a quick photo session before marshmallows &!  AJ, of course, has to grab her boots and add her flair!  And I adore it! 

Panda is really into making hearts with her hands these days...alone or with me completing it with her. Sweet girl!  

I have no idea how she folds up like that!

Taking every chance I get to get the boys in front of the camera too!  This one worked hard to build a little fire pit for us and was loving all the fun! The boys including Scott all lined up and held Roman candles in one hand shooting them up at the same time.  So much fun!

I am pretty sure this is the first time in our marriage that we've spent a dime on any firework/cracker type of thing for the Fourth.  Totally worth the $20! The smiles on our kids' faces was worth every penny and then some! 

My handsome Bub.  The one who made me Mom. 

"Hey, Bubba, smile like you just hit a homer!"  Yeah.  No change.  His smile stayed the same.  Even keeled always!

I mean...

These girls have it good! 

And they adore their boys! 

It's the sweetest to see how the bonds form between them...Bubba being the protector and Bear being the playmate.  Only God weaves stories together this beautiful...Only God.

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