Wednesday, July 15, 2020

{Seabrook Day 4}

Up early again but this time I went for a run all by myself.  It was glorious!  I had planned a walk on the beach but there wasn't much of a breeze so I decided to stay on the island and made a 3 mile loop around.  Seabrook sits just beside Kiawah where I ran a half and my full marathon- and the scenery is very similar.  Both private islands heavy on natural wildlife and landscape and gorgeous homes!  I began with a warm up walk listening to my Bible app and then turned on the interval training that I have been doing the past few weeks to get back into running.  We've been coming here for nearly 10 years but I never have run the island...thankful for my health to be in a good place right now I decided to do it- mostly to prove to myself that I could.  It was hard but beautiful!  The heat is supposed to be the hottest it's been all summer this week so I'm thankful I got out there early!  After a slower morning back at the condo, we all had a yummy breakfast and then headed to the beach for another long and lazy morning in the sand and surf!

For the iPhone photos from the day first...

Later this evening, we took a chance and tried to get some family photos done on the beach.  Since our friends are here, I asked Beth if she wouldn't mind taking one of all of us.  It is so lovely to have updated family photos again!!!  This is the first real photos since we first brought AJ home.  And I LOVE them!!!

So glad we got pictures before the sun ducked behind this cloud that was in the perfect shape of our state!

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