Tuesday, July 14, 2020

{Seabrook Day 3}

A few iPhone photos from the evening...

Scott and I woke up early to make a long bike ride up to North Beach to witness the dolphin strand feeding.  Supposedly, this risky taught behavior is only performed here on Seabrook and somewhere in Australia.  We typically always go see the baby Loggerhead Sea Turtles hatch but DNR is not allowing groups to gather during the pandemic so we found something else to do!  There was definitely no crowd their either.  Just a few people on the Kiawah side and someone fishing.  The mama dolphins teach this behavior to their babies here as it is not an instinct to them as a species.  We saw it on the other side of the inlet twice when we arrived and thought they may be done but, just as we were beginning to ride back, we saw a pelican fly in and land on the side...a sure sign that that is where the dolphins will run the bait fish up and feed again!  We turned around and followed the pelican.  It was only Scott and I at this time.  Such a beautiful sight to witness!  We stayed back a ways as to not disturb them but I definitely took photos!

The rest of the day went spent at North Beach swimming and playing in the sand and walking along the beach.  We all came back after lunch for naps {cannot remember the last time I took a 2 hour nap and it was glorious!} and then another bike ride before dinner.  The phone stayed inside and put away except for these iPhone photos from the evening.  Now, this is exactly how a day at Seabrook should be!

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