Monday, July 13, 2020

{Seabrook Day 2}

First, the iPhone photos!

Bubba, Bear, Panda and I had the most beautiful kayak ride through low tide this morning.  Panda saw dolphins and was pretty much done after that though.  She wasn't nearly as interested in the oysters, birds of prey, sting rays and more.  It truly was remarkable the difference between kayaking the day before at high tide and this morning's experience.

Scott had a work emergency and thankfully it was at a nearby job site so he was gone all afternoon.  The kids and I went on long bike rides around the island and had an early dinner so we could spend a few hours on the beach before sunset.

Of course the boys were fishing again!

The biking crew!  It was so nice to have Wyatt pull the girls for me!

Now on to the evening photos I took with my "real" camera...

Bear dug out himself a lounge chair in the sand!  Genius!

Each year for the past 5 or 6 years we meet another family here that lives in Georgia.  They have two older boys and 4 darling girls from China.  Our kids have the most fun together!  It truly is a blessing!

The shrimp boats were coming back in just at sunset and was so pretty!

I could not get over how beautiful this was! So, I asked the girls to hold hands and walk towards the water...

Leave it to Dub to want to go her own way! Always!  She was definitely more interested in playing and running around but did oblige for a moment.

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