Thursday, July 16, 2020

{Seabrook Day 5}

We began the day by just Scott and I enjoying a long walk along the beach just after sunrise.  It was so peaceful and low lots to discover along our walk, too.  We came back and enjoyed breakfast together and then packed up for a long day at North Beach.  We left around 10 and didn't come back until nearly 4...lunch packed & everything!  Such a lovely long day in the sandy-ist spot we adore!

The girls and I took a walk to Captain Sam's Inlet and AG collected an abundance of shells.  AJ wasn't a fan of the walk going quite that long though! She was ready to turn around and play with her friends! We waded through tide pools at the end of the island looking over towards Kiawah and had the most fun encounter with a ghost crab!  He was just checking us out and proved his trust of us by turning his back on us and playing a little- sweet little guy didn't raise his claw once at us.  He especially enjoyed looking at AG as she talked to him.  It was precious!

We got back from our Long Beach walk to the Drafts' joining us and the kids immediately got to playing in the sand...digging moats and castles and catching minnows.  The older kids spent the majority of their time in the ocean jumping waves and catching a few to swim in on as the tide came back in.  There were lots of living sand dollars as well which were fun to see.

We finally came back to the condo for a little rest & dinner...and then met our buddies back at the beach for some fishing and sunset fun.  Bear and Maddox play tag for hours while the little girls dig in the sand and the big kids fish.  Pretty typical evening on Seabrook!  Sweet & simple!  One more day left in our favorite island and we plan on doing much the same!

A few fancy camera pics from the evening...

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