Friday, June 19, 2020

{Quarantine Cabana}

Our backyard oasis has been our favorite spot lately...for many reasons!  We had a chilly few days this past week but are grateful for sunny skies and 90s in the forecast.  I have a couple sensory kids that live for these days so we take full advantage of it.

We realized when Bear was little that having a pool in the backyard was SO worth the investment.  We want to be a home our children want to come back to...and bring their friends...and, God willing, grandbabies one day.  My aunt and uncle have always had a pool and it was so fun to see how their family has used that as a tool to maintain their closeness through the years.  It's definitely a perk for all of us!

In her happy place!  She will pour and repour water for hours!  So calming to her. 

I adore the way she sits on her little feet! 

Backyard view...we had some time {who hasn't right???} and finally got to a yard project we had been neglecting.  Our goal was to simplify around the stairs and have a spot for Scott to grill.  We tried landscaping there last year but the ground is just too wet and too hot to do well with much so we decided to hardscape it.  Initially, it was all going to be pavers but that got super pricey and labor intensive so we went with river rock and paving a small portion for the grill.  We also put up a privacy fence area around the pool pump and filter so it wouldn't be so loud.  I love how it all turned out!  The boys worked SO hard and literally hauled 4 tons of river rock by hand over the course of a couple of days.  

We also hung outdoor curtains on the screened porch to help with shade.  The back of the house gets all afternoon and evening sun and gets HOT!  So Scott rigged up some conduit and I found waterproof mildew resistant outdoor curtains and we made magic happy for under $200 for the entire back porch.  It makes is seem so much more like an extension of the house and another living space.  So lovely! I just keep them tied back most of the day and let them down if we are out there.

One side of the stairs finished! 

I forgot to take a picture of the other side but you can kinda see it here.  It looks so much nicer than wet mulch! 

The water was a little chilly today after adding a bunch yesterday and having a few cooler days.  But nothing is stopping this girl from swimming! 

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