Thursday, June 18, 2020


I guess I've officially turned into the crazy garden lady!  I have never in my life been able to get anything to grow when it comes to plants, flowers, gardening and the like.  And my thumb is anything but green!

We attempted all kinds of beautiful, colorful things at our old home and had success with very little other than the lantana.  The ones that depended on me...well, they didn't do very well.

Take for example the mum that I couldn't get to come back anywhere in the yard.  I finally gave up and just threw it in the woods.  Well, about 8 months later I notice a flower in the edge of the woods...and get closer and realize that the very mum that I couldn't get to do anything came back on its own without me even planting it!  Just literally tossing it into the woods and it rooted and bloomed.  Nuts!

If there's one thing that I've wanted in this home, it's hydrangeas.  So many were given to us when Annabelle went to Heaven {two of which I uprooted minutes before closing on our old home and just prayed would somehow make it...they didn't bloom at our old home for many years but I just needed them...more than they needed me for sure.}.  We have a shady front yard between the cedar trees and our home that gets morning sun and very moist we planted the very thing that reminds me of my forever baby girl.

And they LOVE it!  The two that we were given 12 years ago sit beside our double stairs to the front porch and are we planted more last year and now my kitchen has a steady supply of my favorite fresh flowers!

...oh, and our Annabelle...did you know there is such a thing as an Annabelle Hydrangea?  It's a specific breed of hydrangea that is only white and has the tiniest lace like we planted her here last year as well...and she's beautiful! She is full of blooms...and needed some friends so my husband gave me two more for my birthday last week.

In the midst of such chaos in this fallen world, I just adore stepping into the yard and seeing His promises in creation...taking in the details He has created for nothing more than our joy and His...and being remained that the God who literally spoke everything into existence still holds it all together...and, as long as we are His,  we will bloom, too.

 My Annabelle Hydrangea...making me smile every time I look out the window! 

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