Wednesday, June 17, 2020

{Life Lately}

I must admit that I thrive on a schedule.  THRIVE.  I so adore our relaxing summertime but find myself {and the kids} in need of some structure to keep us motivated and going.  Thankfully, baseball has geared back up for Bubba with him beginning games last night and we have been able to continue Panda's therapy through zoom.  At least we have a couple of things that keep us scheduled!

Some days I miss our school schedule more than today when we are on the third day in a row of the sun hiding behind very thick clouds and the temperature being entirely too chilly to jump in the pool for the day!  Now, those days I am happy to throw the schedule out the window!

The boys are spending a lot of time on the lake and are out this morning with Grandaddy catching fish as I type...and Panda has speech right now so that means that AJ gets the iPad all to herself {and mostly to keep her out of the therapy appointment as she reallllly likes to interrupt and try to turn it into her own little session}.

So I took a few minutes to pull out some older lenses for my fancy camera and see if I could find a wider angle one to use indoors.  I got one of my old favorites to calibrate well and will see how it holds up.  I spent some time the other night looking through old photos of AJ to find the perfect one to order as a large print for his "Grandbaby Wall" where he hangs photos of all the grands at his house.  It took me way down memory lane and just realizing how thankful I am to have nice equipment and a little bit of an eye to catch such sweet and fleeting moments...and I really do adore editing, too!  Just always spend more time than I planned doing it! It definitely encouraged me to take more pictures with a real camera instead of relying on my phone so much.

Of course, I needed to practice on my two littlest subjects!

Very intently enjoying this screen time while she has it allll to herself!

Always so happy to have time with Mrs. Sarah!  It's the highlight of her week! 

Well, speech is coming to a close and I have a few more things to check off my list...and feel somewhat productive on this overcast day.  Somehow all the dishes, cooking, cleaning, working out, straightening, picking up, teaching, nursing and more doesn't seem like I ever get anything done! ha! I'm not sure what I'd do without a checklist! Off to reserve bikes for the beach trip...and already got our kayaking trip planned this morning too!  I know some kids that are going to be so excited to spend time on the waterways next month paddling beside the dolphins.  So fun! 

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