Saturday, June 06, 2020

{Bye Bye Binky}

We've tried several times to get rid of our Panda girl's beloved binky {also known as a Paci, pacifier, bee-bee}.  It just hasn't been the right time and, if we've learned anything parenting this one, it's that it MUST be on the timeline God has for her and no one else.  Our plans are just, quite frankly, a waste of time and energy...and learning to trust God with this precious treasure is quite a lesson in faith.

Our girl is the equivalent of about 4 years old at 7 and a half...and there are just much bigger issues in our world of Panda than her still enjoying her binky come nighttime.  It soothes her and has been her favorite since the day she was placed in our arms.  I had no idea how she had soothed herself for 16 months in an orphanage and took my boys favorite pacifiers just in case.  She quickly took to it as she learned to let us love her in those first days and months and, yes, years.  

We were close to saying good-bye to it...and then she needed brain surgery.  Then, we had inched towards letting it go...and then her world was rocked with the acceptance of a little sister & her mama on the other side of the world for a couple of weeks. After that, we just let it be.  She only wanted it at night and that was just fine with us.  I guess it takes 5 kids and being over 40 to realize that some things aren't worth the battle...and she'd give it up when it was right.

Well, out of the blue on Thursday I mentioned that her canker sore in her cheek {that is related to one of her many diagnoses} may be hurting a bit more than normal from her sucking her binky all night.  Casually, I said "you may want to try not sleeping with it tonight?"  AND THAT'S ALL IT TOOK.

She was ready.

And I was ready for tears that night and her to come begging for it back...and knew better than to throw it away.

Night one and she was fine.

Night two...perfect again!

Then this morning, she wanted to take a picture to remember them and then throw them that's exactly what we did!

6 years ago and many days since we met,  I never would have imagined we would be where we are now.  It's not's full of trauma and medical needs and cognitive delays and you name it.  BUT, I am so proud of this girl.  She teaches me so much every day and takes my faith to the deepest, rawest places.  She keeps us walking in blind faith today just like we did when He called us to her...oh how we adore our Andie-Grace!

Keep shining, Sister!  Your LIGHT is contagious!!!!

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