Friday, June 05, 2020

{A Hoot & Good Luck...yep!}

A couple of days ago, AJ had her 4 year well visit.  We were a tad late on this one but there was no way I wanted to step foot in a doctor's office unless we just had to before now...and definitely not in March.

She was very patient hamming it up and asking five hundred thousand million questions while we waited.  She noticed the slightest drip from the faucet and counted the ducklings on the mural over and over...and immediately for her pediatrician the moment he walked in.  Little show off!

We had been so busy working around the house that I almost forgot to take her {isn't life lovely when it's full with your favorite people?!?!} so I ran to throw on something other than my workout clothes and told her to get some shoes.  It shouldn't have surprised me that BOOTS were her choice!

She made friends with a baby in the waiting room and then hopped right on the scale to see how big she is.  She even sat still to get a good blood pressure reading!  Smiling the entire time, of course.

Our little firecracker is tall, y'all!  84th percentile!  I knew that most of the kiddos from her province tend to be on the taller side {Tianjin is this beautiful province tucked along the coast with lots of western influence and apparently all the Asian supermodels come from there...for their height!}.  It really did surprise me to see her nearing her brothers' height though!

The stats

Sassing it up while we waited! 

I don't think her smile could get any bigger!

Not too thrilled she got a vaccine...and typically I'm not pro-vax myself but this one we prayed over and had peace it was warranted.  She was so brave and I had gummy bears on hand for a treat immediately following. 

Afterwards and in the sunshine!  She got stickers and was ready to take on the day!  I thought she'd be sleepy and ready for a nap but she's giving those much beloved naps up faster and rest for this girl, just splashing and swimming the rest of the day away! 

It is never lost on me the absolute gift that it is to go to a doctor and get a "perfect" report...especially on my children.  You better believe that I was thanking God the rest of the day! 

Her murmur couldn't be heard {God did that.}

She talked nonstop in paragraphs but was quick to mention how much she loved her family {God did that.}

She told her doctor "You not need listen to my heart.  It's fine." {God did that.}

She shared that "My boys are so crazy!" because she knows she's grafted in & claims her place in her people fiercely. {God did that.}

I was given a report that she was perfect and how her entire visit was literally blowing her pediatrician's mind considering her past- how he truly expected more and couldn't believe the little miracle in front of his eyes. {Yep, God did that, too.}

And then he looked at me and said "She looks incredible!  Perfect!  And she is a HOOT!"...and then he whispered "Good Luck!"  And we all laughed...including my Sunshine girl!  Because God did all of this and only HE gets the credit!

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