Tuesday, April 28, 2020


16 years ago this evening, this handsome young man made me a mom.  He's celebrated by spending the first part of his day on the lake catching big mouth bass with his Grandaddy & the second half the day on the river taking his "new to him" John boat for a spin with his dad and brother.  He got a surprise zoom party from his small group & quite a rendition of "Happy Birthday to You" as well...truly a gift to have such an awesome community of Believers rallying him on and mentoring him in this journey.  

As we sat around eating dinner this evening, we each shared what we love most about him...and had to all agree that what makes Wyatt a true treasure is that he has never judged anyone by their outward appearance...instead he always focuses on the character of someone's heart.  He is passionate about his values, cares deeply about those he loves and have earned his trust and cannot stand to see anyone being mistreated.  He would rather be on the baseball field than in the boat...but the boat is a close second.  He is wise and funny and diligent and makes this season that I once dreaded truly the BEST.

God knew I needed him first and has blessed me beyond all measure through him.  

Happy Birthday, Bubba...we love you the MOST! 

He requested our family favorite crack cake for breakfast & chocolate bundt cake with buttercream icing for his actual cake!  Sure, why not have cake twice in one day?!?!

The kids made him a sweet banner while he was out fishing in the morning! 

The brothers...waiting to get dinner going...the birthday boy's favorite again...Mexican! 

Bear did the last three letters/numbers on the banner and gave them some nice touches he knew his big bubba would like! 

Panda working so hard on her writing Bubba's name! 

When your baby brother comes over to try to blow out your candles and you have to hold onto two sisters and keep him from getting to the cake...ha! 

SO close!  He got all but one candle in one breath! 

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