Saturday, April 25, 2020

{Opening Day}

Making big deals out of what would normally be smaller milestones...

Thankful for a season that is teaching and reteaching us to celebrate the simple.

We were chased around, of course, by our favorite reminder of God's perfect plan & sovereignty...even stopping to tickle Andie-Grace and my arms.  A little gulf fritillary welcoming in the swim season, too!

The girls patiently waited to get in!  I wanted to let their little bodies adjust the water is still a bit chilly! 

Didn't take Panda long though and she was popping those googles on and ready to go! 

Bear swam so many laps!  He said he was getting some training in for being a Navy SEAL.  :)

Trying to catch the world's smallest beach ball and cannonball for his first dip! 

Dad got in, too!  The boys have fun swimming laps and racing each other. 

Total paradise for my sensory loving girl!  

We have to remind Panda to come up for air sometimes.  She loves looking under the water with her goggles on.  

Race #1 of many to come! 

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