Tuesday, March 17, 2020


Never thought I'd be one to hang a swing inside my home...but this girl is busy!!!  She loves all things sensory and keeps me on my toes when I'm trying to sit on my rump and help the others with school.  So when Grandaddy asked what he could get her for her birthday, I knew just the thing...an indoor swing...joyfully pronounced "sweeeeng!!!!" by our baby girl.  

Scott and the boys got it hung over the weekend and she happily perched herself in there for most all of math and ELA on Monday...with a few books & a stuffed animal.  She is SO happy in there! 

She begged to take a nap in it.  I think she's got a new favorite spot! And I've got a giant hole in the ceiling holding this thing firmly in place and a few moments to focus! 

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