Saturday, March 14, 2020

{Celebrating our Shamrock}

From the moment she was placed in my arms, I wondered if my baby girl had some type of hypermuscular tension.  I'd never felt arms so defined in my life!  Then, when I changed her and saw those muscles in her little legs, I realized that she just had an amazing little athletic build.  Once home, Scott was amazed at how she would literally go from sitting in a pike position to standing up without ever using her hands.  Strong on the inside and out!

We've put off gymnastics for AG's sake {and I'm pretty sure her surgeon would not be thrilled that she was even here...but we did keep tight boundaries on what she could do} but sometimes you just gotta live a little & let the baby sister have a party that you know she'd adore!  So, for our Dubble Bubble Sunshine girl's FOURTH birthday, we rented the local Christian Gymnastics Gym for a couple hours and had a party!

The setup upstairs...purple, green and white for our "Lucky Charm"! 

I think this may be the first {maybe second} party ever that we haven't had at home.  It was a lot to pack it up and carry everything somewhere else but totally worth it! 

FYI...while you are quarantined, grab a bag of marshmallows, some lollipop/popsicle sticks and any type of sprinkles!  Put the stick in the marshmallow, dip it {very lightly} in water and then roll in sprinkles for a homemade peep! So fun! 

Ready for her party to begin! 

For treats for her guests, she gave light up shamrock necklaces out at the end.  From what I understand, the kids are having too much fun with them today! :) 

Her first attempt...

and she nails it!

Loves the balance beam!

And the pit! 

Trying out the high beam with Daddy's help

AG was all smiles at having the chance to do something she knows is off limits for her.  What a sweet moment! 

Bear tackled the ninja course. Again and again and again! 

The baby room also had a rock wall that was definitely more kid friendly to our younger crowd.

Bumper cars! 

They offered to do a parachute game at the end before we had cake & ice cream.  

Birthday Girl got in the middle ! 

As did her cousin JJ & AG!

The party crowd!  

The way she looks at her big Bubba...melts my heart!!!  So much love! 

Present time! 

Sunglasses with their own case were definitely the highlight! My girl loves her accessories! 

My babes! 

It is truly so easy to celebrate our Ailee James Xuan Xuan Sunshine Dubble Bubble! She is the epitome of JOY!  She makes us laugh and reminds us of God's goodness.  Always. 

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