Friday, March 13, 2020

{Our Little Caboose is FOUR!}

I've somehow blinked and my baby is FOUR!  It seems like just moments ago, I was sending money to the other side of the world for her orphanage to throw her a little party at what would be her last birthday alone.  A stoic little face unsure what what the cake or paper crown was about sitting atop her head.  She took bites but didn't make the slightest expression...happy or sad.  

And yet here we are today...nearly 2 years later...with the smiliest child I've ever known.  And one who definitely knows what she wants and when she wants it!  Her little personality has definitely bloomed!  

Happy Birthday, my baby girl!  

Your surprise sparkle of JOY right in the middle of the hardest days of my life are nothing short of a gift from God and a true miracle.  

We absolutely adore you and are head over heels in love with you forever! 

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