Saturday, March 21, 2020

{Tech Time}

With the social distancing practices we are making, one thing that had to change for us was Bear's drum lesson.  Thankfully, the academy where he takes lessons offered to do them online with the instructor live on zoom.  Since Wyatt was practicing social distancing at the lake catching fish, I baked some cookies for the girls and let them enjoy a little tech time! Bear still got his lesson in {although guitar is on hold for Wyatt right now} and the girls got some goodies!  

Not much has changed for us other than not having baseball every single day...and, gracious, do we miss it!  We all live for this season and seeing Bubba on the mound starting a lot of the games this season has been a hard loss.  We are hopeful they may still get a little time in before the season is over but aren't holding our breaths for it.

On a positive note, the weather has been nothing short of glorious!  We are enjoying days and evenings outdoors...playing family baseball in the front field {Bear took some marking paint and drew a field, bases and all, for us to enjoy}, golf cart rides to see the cows and goats, walking up and down the dirt road...a lot, swinging in the hammock and playing games on the screened porch.  We find ourselves pushing dinner back further and further and practically not coming in until it's dark.  Truly magnificent!

Praying God's protection over all with this virus...and trying to focus on the unexpected blessings that are coming from such a difficult situation for our world.  Thankful we know the One Who holds the future and confident in His goodness....always.

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