Friday, February 14, 2020

{Savoring Simple}

Stepping back from social media in the season that the Lord deeply impressed upon me months ago as a time to heal...intentionally putting "us" first during the 8 weeks and 3 days He gave us a dozen years ago when nothing else mattered but being together and savoring each moment...  has been far sweeter than I imagined.  My focus is not divided and the amount we've accomplished without a constant pull and distractions in a million different directions has already been a decision I'm wishing I had made years ago.  Just as I began this fast of sorts, I received results of some testing that were long overdue and that gave me so many answers {and many that brought tears to my eyes}.  But, the Lord's timing was perfect...and it's allowed me even more to focus on healing physically as well.  

For my darling Panda girl, we face a big day early next week...a peek into her beautiful brain for the first time in over a year.  She'll be put to sleep in my arms and I'll walk out of the room whispering prayers and then she'll be scanned from head to hiney for answers.  We are praying for clarity in the testing and discernment as to how her brain/spine may or may not be impacting other symptoms she experiences.  But first, the two of us will enjoy a girls' day in our favorite Holy City.  Priorites.  :)

So we are savoring simple...and it is glorious.  Catching moments where God clearly ordained the sisterhood they share and it is the sweetest.

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