Saturday, February 15, 2020

{Heart Day}

Forever and always one of my favorite holidays...moments remembered and memories created!  The boys paired up with the girls as their silly Valentine.  The boys picked out unicorn headbands {that came with Nerds, of course} and balloons.  They used their own money and made a special trip to the store just for their girls!  

In addition, we had little bags of a few goodies for the kids at breakfast...sweet treats and some fun!  

Bubba got his favorite sweet treat...dark chocolate covered blueberries and a bat taper {and some workout pants that didn't fit...apparently my big boy needs XL in everything now}

Bear got some more construction paper and well as something in a few photos below...

Panda got Wiki Stix numbers/counting/shapes cards & new stix

Dub got Wiki Stix alphabet cards and stix to go with them, too! 

Her balloon is massive.  Bear knows his valentine! 

Have I mentioned that Bear is a drummer???  His new-to-him REAL drum kit {he had an electric kit for about 6 years} is loud.  Like really really loud.  As I was singing in band this past weekend, the drummer told me about these amazing MUTE pads.  For less than $20, it reduces the sound by 95%.  And everybody said AMEN! Bear doesn't like them so much but my ears are rejoicing! 

Bear picked Dub

Bub picked Panda

And we had cake for breakfast too!  :) Bear and I also delivered one of these super yummy gluten free cinnamon & brown sugar bundt cakes to Scott's grandmother this afternoon.  She is 94 years old and was on the floor playing with Bear...and then got up all by herself!  I was impressed!!! She also shared a gorgeous book titled "Pictoral History of The Second World War".  Her husband was D-Day plus 4 in Normandy and just passed a few years ago.  This book is a treasure and just may be our major spine for history next year! Every page is filled with photos and captions documenting two years of WW2 day by day. 

AJ checking it out first!  She's so funny! 

Panda loves her unicorn headband and hasn't taken it off all day long! 

Happy boy!!! So easy to please! 

Checking out big brother's treats. :) He would have preferred more sugar but the mute pads will definitely last longer! 

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