Friday, October 18, 2019

{Chasing Waterfalls & Picking Apples}

A little day trip away to the mountains...Pearson's Falls & Sky Top Orchard make for a fun little day away!

The girls just knew this was the place Elsa lives and Ailee James tried her best to harness all her powers her little fingers can hold and freeze the falls.  

We've done Sky Top several other times but typically on the weekend...this time we found out that weekDAYS are the time to go!  The place was a ghost town and we had almost the entire orchard to ourselves.  The weather was glorious...hardly what anyone would call "fall" and we were sweating by the time we were making our way back up the mountain to check out the apple doughnuts and apple cider slushies.

We wrapped it up by picking up a new to him drum set for Bear.  He's been wearing out his electric set for nearly 5 years and it's just falling apart.  Through social media, we found some friends who moved up the mountains (who we went to church with over 5 years ago) who had a set just sitting around that they were needing to find a new home.  What a treat!

Around the time that Panda was pretty sure we had stumbled upon Elsa's home. :) 

This guy could not have been more at home! 

SO amazed at the falls! 

Growing up entire too fast and so helpful with the very curious and very risky little girls!

#1 & #5

Her favorite spot! 

My apple picker extraordinaire! Luke will climb any tree to reach the best apples! 

By this point, nap time had ceased to ever exist and the girls were delirious! 

Definitely Panda's favorite part of the orchard...dandelions!  Just thankful they didn't weigh us before we visited and then after we left!  The girls ate their fair share of "sampling" apples for sure! 

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