Friday, October 04, 2019

{Precious Helper}

She is always the first to fold her blankets, help me with laundry, clean up her space & happily vacuums the stairs anytime she sees dog hair!  I'm not entirely sure if these behaviors were formed from spending her first 16 months watching her nanny clean in the she did immediately wipe her highchair tray instead of her face the first time we gave her a wet wipe...OR if it's just who God made her to be.  Either way, she is most definitely her mother's child!

 I began cleaning more than the average person when my mother was so sick most of my teenage was a way to help and it gave me some sense of control over a completely uncontrollable situation.  You'd think it would lessen five kids later...but order and cleanliness is just in my nature!  

God gave us the sweetest little helper when He gave us our Panda girl!  Goodness knows, those boys need her help as much as they can get it! :)

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