Friday, August 16, 2019

{Healing Therapy}

When we began our Annabelle Basket ministry, it was from a place of deep grief and longing to stay connected with the heart community {and hospital} that was truly family to us now.  The Lord used it to bless others walking through similar stories and bring glimpses of joy and celebration to an otherwise devastating time.  For over 11 years, I’ve wondered how long God would continue to place this desire in our hearts…and came years ago to the conclusion that we would trust Him.  As long as He provided, we would keep stepping forward in faith.  Yes, there have been many times that the baskets or the socks or shrink wrap fell on us to purchase…but there was always someone there…another in the fire with us…who The Lord had also prompted to give generously.  I wept for the first time in a long time over yesterday’s delivery as I prayed for the families who would receive them before my husband loaded them up.  Absolutely in awe of a God who uses all things together for good for His purposes and glory….bears donated by grandparents of a heart baby who received her basket many years ago & still fights fiercely today in her journey…Matilda Jane bibs & socks given by a soulmate of mine connected by our girls from China…and fleece blankets woven together by moms who pray they never have to endure what the brave mamas sitting bedside in the Pediatric Cardiology ICU’s do…and a few of them that have and know the blessing these will be.  Whatever He prompts you to do, friends…just do it.  He is faithful.  He is faithful.  He is faithful.  Sometimes we just need a little reminder...

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