Sunday, August 18, 2019

{Double Digits for Bear}

Somehow my Bear has gone from being my little rainbow baby to being two whole hands and in the double digits!  We had the sweetest day celebrating him...from his traditional birthday breakfast doughnuts to partying the afternoon away with a few close friends and family...this day was all about Bear!  It is a JOY to watch him grow...he is creative and determined and has the imagination that anyone who knows him well knows that it's just a matter of time before he creates something the world has been waiting for.  He loves fiercely and deeply and handles the middle child thing quite impressively.  Luke Graham, we adore you and are always your biggest cheerleaders now and forever...Happy Birthday our Bear...we love you like crazy cakes!

We did let him open one present before church from the girls.  Legos!  

On to the party!!! 

A little cake & ice cream first and then a whole lot of swimming!  The weather had been calling for thunderstorms even that morning but The Lord heard my prayers and allowed the afternoon to be all blue skies and beautiful.  What a treat! 

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