Tuesday, August 20, 2019

{A New Season for School}

Navigating another school season is the equivalent of pulling out teeth that aren't close to loose around here.  I waver between dread and joy...dreading how to make this work with 4 kids in such a wide range of ages and pure joy over the fact that I have the blessing of getting to figure it out and be home with them.  Something I truly truly adore...

When we began homeschooling 11 years ago, the choices were pretty simple...only one child to educate and not very many choices about how to do so.  Sure the curriculum choices were many but I had a dear friend mentoring me along the way...and sharing her gently used things with us that allowed us to fall easily into a curriculum that worked well.  Then, the sweetest years in a little co-op with three other families one day a week...sitting all our babies around a table between nursing the little ones and savoring lessons on history, art and hymn composers...to name a few.  I've always ever committed to one year at a time...never imagining that we'd still be walking this path...but so thankful we are.  So, when last school year came to a close The Lord began speaking a few things over me...letting me know that this next season would be unlike anything I've experienced before {and we have done it all!}.  A high schooler needing NCAA approval and more involvement on my behalf than I'd had last year...a 4th grader with a processing delay that needs more of mama and a little different learning style moving forward...and a nearly 7 year old who would be self-contained if I placed her in public schools...now requiring me to search out and sit down for hours with a special needs homeschooling consultant.  Oh!  And don't forget my little sunshine girl who soaks every bit of it up and keeps me on my toes!

After much prayer, we decided to pull back from the two day a week homeschool academy...mostly for the 1st and 4th kids.  And when I proposed Wyatt just taking a couple courses a la carte {mama doesn't do science labs} he was insistent that wherever he was, he wanted the little ones to be, too.

So, this year...Wyatt will be doing most of his coursework exclusively at home with the exception of a couple classes a la carte at a different homeschool academy...and only 1 day a week.  Luke and Andie-Grace join him there for additional subjects and fun time with friends, too.  The rest of the days are ours...and what a gift that is!  And, Ailee James is home with me every single moment.

Today is day 1 of our new journey...although we've already logged 10 days of school with other subjects as we've eased back into things these last two weeks.  Praying for sweet friendships and a successful year of growing in wisdom & knowledge as we, together, trust Jesus each step of the way!

And I still need to get another picture of Wyatt.  He's too tall for me to get a good head shot now!  The one I took just looked like I was looking at the ceiling! ha!!! 

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