Saturday, July 27, 2019

{Seabrook: Day 6}

We spent our last & final day on Seabrook soaking up the sun on North Beach.  We walking {literally} to the end of the island all the way to Kiawah on the hunt for shells and some always welcomed beach {sanity} therapy! The boys body surfed and built a giant moat while the girls played in the sand and jumped waves.  Scott and I got an early anniversary dinner in at The Royal Tern on Johns Island...and it was splendid!  I saw it coming back from a doctor's appointment I had earlier in the week in Charleston and looked it up as the name rang a bell.  Sure enough, once I saw their beet salad on the menu I knew that this was the restaurant that served my favorite appetizer at the Make a Wish Gala from May at Magnolia Plantation that we attended.  We made reservations {early} and had Bubba keep the little 3 while we went out to celebrate 17 years of marriage.  During the beet salad, raw oysters, bacon jalapeƱo wrapped shrimp, grilled salmon with brussel sprouts and ribeye steak...we decided to go back to Seabrook, watch the sunset, let the kids play & fish and then pack up to head home miss the mass exodus of beach traffic the next morning.  We got home late, unpacked a little and slept in this morning.  Glorious!  What a treasure our week to Seabrook is each year!  One that we look forward to all year long for sure...

Panda makes an silly sign around her eyes and Dub just points to hers! 

I have no idea where she came up with this pose but Scott & I both let out a loud "Oh my!" when she struck this one! :)

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