Tuesday, July 23, 2019

{Seabrook: Day 2-3}

Lots of the same...beach bumming & baseball watching!  Bubba's team has won all three of their first games and play on Wednesday in the Championship Game {where the winner is named the Southeast Little League Champ & goes to the Little League World Series where each region in the US and 6 other countries/continents are represented}.  So, we've watched baseball on the beach...and in our condo...and waited as patiently as possible when Florida is in rain delay.  :)

The girls are in sensory heaven...and is Bear.  They have built forts for hermit crabs, caught blue crabs and shoveled more sand than just about the beach holds.  God truly does make the best playgrounds!  I'm imagining a pretty incredible back yard in Glory if this is what He gives us here!

Bless her.  She is ALL about posing these days! 

Our dear friends came down on Sunday afternoon {5th year tradition all together} and my girls truly do adore having their girls to play with.  It's been so good for Bear to have a couple stand-in big brothers, too...although he is happy with anyone & always makes each moment fun!

She's kinda happy here! :)

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