Wednesday, July 24, 2019

{Seabrook: Day 4}

We had quite the island thunderstorm late last night that ushered in the most glorious cool morning to sit on the screened porch for breakfast & coffee.  It's been a bit overcast all day and high only into the low 80s...which is a pleasant surprise in the middle of summer in the South!

Scott took Bear up to Bohicket Marina for a kids cast off...and Bear came back proudly announcing that he was the ONLY kid to catch a fork!  HA!  I didn't know they had those in the Atlantic!

Once they returned, we walked across the street to the beach and spent nearly 2 slow hours feeling the wind on our faces and sand between our toes while the kids caught some more crabs and played in the surf.  Due to the cloudy skies, hardly anyone was out and it reminded us SO much of what first made us fall in love with Seabrook...truly a private island experience.  Other than a few locals walking their pups, we had the beach to ourselves!

Now, to watch my big boy in the championship game...and see what the next few days may hold...

Last year we brought her here just 3 months home and in our family and she was still so much a baby!  This year she is looking so much like a big girl to me! 

Clearly has mastered the hands on hips pose courtesy of her sister's teaching! 

Did you know that you can hear mermaids and dolphins in seashells?!?!  Panda knows this stuff! 

Lots of butterfly shells! 

Did you know tire tracks are perfect for keeping little wild 3 year olds on a path nearby?!?

There is a Christian barrier island camp here at Seabrook...I always love walking down to it on the beach and seeing the chapel on the water...and the big wooden cross...SO beautiful! 

Luke found this huge shell and we were just about to keep it when the largest hermit crab we've ever seen stuck his claws out!  Oh my! We really liked his house but figured it was his first to keep so Luke returned him to the ocean. 

I don't think we've ever seen this bird before...seagull and pelicans galore but this thing looks kind of like a toucan in the front.  So funny! 

You can take the girl out of China but you can't take the China out of the girl!  Turned around and she was squatting {and peeing} in the water.  Never a dull moment! 

Building a fort for a little crab friend.  He used the loose sea oats to reinforce the walls.  I adore watching his creativity! 

Sisters giving kisses always makes my boys' day!  Don't let this face fool you...he LOVES it! 

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