Sunday, July 21, 2019

{Seabrook: Day 1}

Last evening we arrived to our favorite little island...but, this year, we came without our biggest boy.  My heart has been torn for weeks over this long planned vacation.  When Wyatt's team won the State Championship a few weeks ago for the first time ever, we learned that the Senior Division Little League Southeast Regional would be held in Tampa, Florida beginning the very day before our beloved family week.  We wrestled and prayed and talked through every option we could think of.  On his own, Wyatt was willing to sacrifice playing baseball in this once in a lifetime arena for our family.  He had shared privately with Scott and I that he wanted to do what would be best for our family....assuming that his daddy would go with him to Florida...and then my daddy graciously offered to take Wyatt as a special grandfather/grandson trip so that Scott could still have his hard earned vacation and be here to help me with the other three.  Since SC had never won a game in the Southeast Regional in the history of Little League Baseball and our Irmo District had never won the state level, we thought it may be a short trip for my dad and Wyatt.  But, they have won both their 1st & 2nd games already...and will play tomorrow...and at least once more after that {this is a double elimination tournament}.  So, we are making the best of it...missing our Bubba though and so thankful that the games are all being live streamed so we can watch on the beach!  It's a bittersweet season...a glimpse of what's to come in just a few short years...and I'm not okay.  Being transparent with my emotions may make me look foolish and cause judgment but I can't hold on to perfect or pretty or anything but what it is...and I miss my boy.  He's been with me through everything and been the reason many times I kept putting one foot in the front of the other and the glimpse this is giving is not one I like.  I've got some work to do.  Perhaps beach therapy is exactly what we all need...and then joining my Bubba in the upstate for the International Tourney next weekend...or whatever HE has planned to work on us all!

So, we got in last night...unloaded...ate a quick dinner and headed to the beach to watch the sunset and dip our toes in the water.! This morning consisted of a lot of lazy...

Bear & Dub woke us up and to buy a little time, I told them to go quietly turn on cartoons until I had breakfast which, Bear replied "What are cartoons???"

I guess we don't watch much other than baseball and The Crocodile Hunter after all.  ;)

And then we headed to North Beach where I took Panda on a long walk to look for "Seashells that you can hear mermaids and dolphins in"...

She twirled and skipped her entire way and said "Mom??? God make seashells???"

I replied to her..."Yes, ma'am! He sure did!"

And she squealed with delight..."FOR ME?!?!?"

Her rĂ©ponse was somehow full of surprise and surety at the same time...and I laughed.  And recited each and every word of that precious conversation at least 10 more times so I could write it down to remember forever.

Now, I've got a sweet 9 year old begging me for a bike's only 103 so this shouldn't be too long! ;)

I told Scott once we arrived how thankful I am that God planned our family and not us.  I could not imagine getting to this season...and the next...and only having Bear since there will forever be a 5 1/2 year gap between my boys held always by our Belle.  I love that God knew better and made a way for us to add to our family the way God added us to His.

This was the moment when I said "Hey!  Andie-Grace!  Look at mama!"

And she replied... "NO! I Mo-ah-na!!!!!" 

And she struck a pose.  Love her!

Bear was taking a picture of Scott and me...and then I was uploading them all and realized we both were messing with Luke at the same time! :)

These are the faces of my very confused kids when a thoughtful stranger offers to take my camera and take a "family photo".  Bless her!  So kind yet the kids didn't get it one bit! HA!

Sweet "Dub"ble Bubble just loves the water sooooo much.  You've gotta keep her close or she'll be riding on a dolphins back before you know it! 

Still in Moana mode. Of course. 

The pretty shot.....and....

The real life shot.  Dub doesn't stop moving.  Ever.

My Bear watching the dolphins.

God's playground is the best...and this girl is in her element! 

Love my little redneck!  Here we are on a private residential island and he's got on camoflague and a cut off sleeve t-shirt.  Sometimes I ask him to change and sometimes it's just not worth it. His little spirit is struggling without his Bubba so this was not something I was going to tackle.  Besides, I LOVE the confidence he has in knowing who he is and what he likes!  

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