Saturday, June 01, 2019

{Simple Saturday}

Sometimes less truly is more.  Trading in screen time for real face to face time.  The girls together in their element and the boys together in theirs {outside at our church's shoot out}.  The Lord is using some unexpected detours in this journey to cause me to learn to slow down a bit and savor the simple.  So, I am giving myself grace and hoping to be updating more on here with both words and photos as an intentional act of sharing my heart and my passion with my children...both now and for years to come.

My Bear was going through the upstairs hutch that holds all our books the other day and came to me with one he found...a journal with a letter addressed to me on the front page.  He didn't know it at the time but that was a journal that my mother gave me in 1993...just after her 3rd cancer diagnosis.  She was encouraging me to write down my thoughts as a way to help process another trial our family was facing.  I realized, as I shared my mother's letter to me from so many years ago with my son, the tremendous gift it was to have her words.  My children never met my mother and gracious do I ever share stories of her with them...but, in the moment Luke heard her words directly, something incredible took place.  He came to me a couple hours later out of nowhere and told me that he misses her...and that we was happy he could hear what she would say...and that he could "feel her in my heart".

So this is me recommitting to the most important people in my share my words and life through my lens with them.  For them now and for their children one day.

And we began with a very sweet and simple Saturday...

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