Monday, May 20, 2019

{Wishes in Bloom & Weekend at Folly}

Several months ago we were contacted by Make a Wish SC once again!  This time, they wanted to share with us about a huge fundraising gala that they hold at Magnolia Plantation in Charleston each year called Wishes in Bloom and see if we would be willing to share Andie-Grace's story and her wish trip at the gala.  It was decided that it would be best {both emotionally for me as speaking publicly may have been a little too much with so many Annabelle triggers in our beloved Charleston and with the flow of the evening} to add some visual interest by pre-recording a video of me speaking and photos/videos of our wish trip and AG's medical needs/surgery.  Through a friend, we met Ben Wolverton who graciously offered to record, produce and all the things needed to put together a top class act video to be shown at the gala.  Good news is we still get to go to the gala and share at the same time without any of the pressures of doing it that evening!  {Here's the link to the YouTube video: }

Much to our surprise, our friends at Make a Wish called again a week before the gala to tell us that a member of the Board had offered their waterfront condo to us for the weekend!  So, instead of a night in Charleston, we were gifted with a 3 bedroom/3 bathroom {with an elevator!!!} home right on the water for 4 days!  WOW!  What a treasure for our family to have that time together!  We spent our mornings in the sand and our evenings eating the best local seafood.  During naps, the girls slept while I enjoyed reading on the porches with quite a view!  The boys took advantage of that time to fish off the dock or kayak.

It was much needed in so many ways.  I've struggled with some health issues lately that seem to take up any free time that I get with extra doctors and procedures these this was perfect timing from a perfect God who knows just what we need when we need it.  We were able to come home refreshed and ready to enjoy our summer before we visit Seabrook at the end.

Headed to dinner! 

With my one and only...

Our view! 

Gala desserts included gluten free treats too!!!

Headed to the gala! It was a garden party attire...which meant my man was in his saddle oxfords and I was in a hot pink romper...and my big girl was, of course, in a smocked angel sleeve dress...because CHARLESTON.

This was our first night at the condo.  I just sat on that porch overwhelmed by God's goodness.  I never ever ever imagined that I would have yet another daughter who would qualify for a wish {Annabelle most certainly would have as well} and that she would be doing so incredible and be a child of my heart...and another brave mama's womb.  He is so good.

The sunrise!  

Another day at the beach! We would go around 9:30 and stay until noon...which was perfect!  Not too hot and not too many people either!

The boys had the best time kayaking!  The went for long journeys along the waterway and fished it some too.

The beloved elevator! 

We never go out to eat...and definitely not this yummy or fancy!  So we had to take pictures!  Salmon and salad for me...and steak for him!  This was a local place called Edison's that had tons gluten free too.  My kids loved it! 

Wyatt took this one...since the back of my romper had a big pink bow at the top.  :)

Entering the Plantation!

AG was so excited this was her princess party! :)

Overlooking the Ashley River with my big girl!

And...I did pack my fancy camera too and pulled it out one afternoon when we were walking down to check on the boys fishing at high tide.  Wyatt caught a sting ray!

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