Tuesday, June 04, 2019

{After Nap}

This little sunshine loves herself a nap.  Mama loves it, too.  However, she enjoys so much the silent room all to herself that it is often I have to wake her after 4 hours just so we can have some afternoon time together.  Many sitters throughout the years have applauded my sleeping babies {as apparently many kiddos don't nap the way all mine have}.  I think it's just the routine that they like.  We try to keep things going pretty close to the same day to day...so once we finish lunch, my babies all know it's time to rest!  The girls still nap...well, AG not always but she does lay down for a bit...and the boys and I take an hour or so to read and rest as well.  

But little sunshine girl takes the cake!  She is by far my best sleeper!  She loves her nap and has from the day we got her.  She puts her little pointer finger in her mouth and pulls her blanket up to her nose and snoozes away in no time.  

After nap these days consists of afternoons in the pool!  As soon as I get her up, she is ready for her snack and swimsuit!  And the other kids are usually on the porch waiting for her, too! 

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