Monday, June 10, 2019

{Putting on, landscaping}

We've called this meadow home for over 2 and a half years now...and worked this land for nearly five.  A hidden gem tucked behind rows of cedar trees that once held a pasture full of cows.  For 12 years, we looked for land.  We went through a handful of floor plans as well.  We had one sweet little field of a couple of acres that we just knew was "it" turn out to not even belong to the man attempting to sell it to us.  There's definitely been a roller coaster of a ride to get to this little piece of paradise...and we are finally putting some lipstick on her...or, um, landscaping.

Moving in during January two winters ago just didn't really lend its hand towards much in the realm of flowering trees...and, goodness knows, I was just learning a bit about what even would work and stand a chance at survival with all the wildlife we have.  So, in between adoption and home schooling, we've spent some time researching deer resistant, shade loving, not well draining soil thriving plants and came up with a few.

Hydrangeas topped our list...specifically adding in our favorite of that species...the "Annabelle" hydrangea that is a bit taller than the more common variety and flowers white.  The boys have spent the past few days digging holes {with still a few to go in the back of the house} and will soon be covering the space in between with mulch here soon.

My first thoughts were that we would be just fine with the natural landscaping given to us in the property but as soon as the first little bed was planted, I realized that this was our home's "lipstick".  The last little finishing touch making her extra pretty.  Having a bit of color around our white farmhouse is quite lovely...perhaps we can make our newest residents enjoy it here, too.

Although these two definitely worked quite diligently, my oldest son was also busy digging holes, too.  I think he just happened to be on the other side of the home working on those holes when I ventured out with my camera.  I truly adored watching the boys work together to create this space outside our home. 

These pretty girls are the only plants we brought from our old home.  The home where most of its landscaping came from our daughter's death and the outpouring of love given in the shape of His creation.  In a fit of emotions and on the day we were closing on our old home with the new owners, I had a moment.  I just couldn't leave all of the plants that we had been given in remembrance of her there.  Even if we were going to be in an apartment, something had to come with us.  So, I ran to the store and purchased a couple of large pots and found a shovel.  I spent an hour before closing sweating as a dug up two hydrangeas.  They hadn't bloomed in years in that yard but I needed them to go with us.  I didn't do a bit of research on how to properly rehome them either.  Just dug them up and stuck them in pots...and then profusely apologized for the two holes in the yard to the new owners.  Thankfully, they understood.  These hydrangeas got scorched on the tiny stoop we had temporarily in the dreadful little apartment complex and weren't watered regularly during those 10 months before we decided each side of our new home's front stairs looked like the perfect spot for them.  And now, 11 years later, they are covered in pink blooms.  Covered.  Only God does that.  And I think He is laughing....because I surely am.  

So happy here...

We are adding a couple pink crepe myrtles, too.     

Some knockout roses and butterfly bush...we have several butterfly bushes around our home.  A sweet friend gave us a pink one the summer after Annabelle went to Heaven and it brought the most beautiful butterflies to visit at our old home.  The boys and I were laughing watching butterflies enjoying them in our yard already...even when they were in the pot waiting to be planted! 

Our "Annabelle" hydrangea...already with a bloom about to open.  She'll be white...and our others are pink....pretty perfect if you ask me. 

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