Thursday, June 13, 2019

{Dancing in the Rain}

A couple of rainy weeks have us feeling a little cooped up!  The girls have been dressing up nonstop the point that we've cleared out about every other toy they keep in their room aside from their babydolls and tutus...and they're loving the new found freedom in simple choices.  The other night they grabbed their umbrellas and took to walking the "balance beam" in the yard when the drizzle was slight.  Bubbles completed the fun and we are so proud that Panda finally can blow them well!  A hard skill for our big girl who has worked so diligently to master it! And...yes, Supergirl was around and as silly as ever, too! :)

This face!  She makes us laugh nonstop!

Skills! :) He wanted a photo of him balancing the umbrella on his shoulder so here you go, sweet boy! 

In his element...this precious boy lives outside and is all things outdoorsman from climbing trees to building forts to loving nature to picking up about any critter he can catch!  Asking him to hop up on the back of his daddy's pickup for a quick photo was as natural as breathing to him! Love these of my Bear! 

So proud of her bubble blowing! 

When baby sister forgets her flip flops and ends up on the other side of the balance beam and needs rescuing, Bear is always there! 

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