Thursday, December 06, 2018

{Make A Wish Trip: Universal & GKTW Christmas Party}

Today was so much fun!  We started the day at Universal Studios & wrapped it up by making it back to GKTW for the weekly Thursday night Christmas Party...and getting AG's star decorated & placed in the most incredible and extremely emotional atrium where every single child who has ever been to GKTW leaves their mark.  I knew that she would be asked to do this and tried my best to prepare myself for it but looking up and being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of tiny stars each representing a Wish Child is beyond anything I could contain...the tears just fell.  The lives that have shared this experience and are no longer with us on this Earth and those who have continued to bravely fight through life.  It took just minutes but will impact us forever. Here are some photos of our incredible day!

Every night at GKTW is a different celebration since so many of these kiddos miss out on things due to medical needs.  Every Thursday is CHRISTMAS and I had been told to make sure we were back at the Village for this very special night!  There were characters and Santa and an Elf Shop that consisted every toy you could imagine for the kids {and I mean every kid...siblings included in it all!} to pick out.  Then, in the Town Square there was a party complete with Mickey and Minnie and friends all decked out in their Christmas attire.  So, if it wasn't enough to meet them countless times in the parks we also were treated to special parties with them!  Amazing!

Before we headed to Universal, we ran over to meet any Disney characters that we hadn't already met.  Well, we'd met them all but Belle was there again...and if you know anything about my Panda girl, you know she adores Belle.  When we got there Belle was "reading a book" and returned a few minutes later with AG at the front of the line.  As soon as this Belle came out, I thought I recognized her face.  She immediately said to AG "We've met before!  Where is your little sister?"  It was the same incredible Belle that had put AG at the front of the line in the Enchanted Tales the day before at the Magic Kingdom!  She had to of seen hundreds of kids the day before but she clearly remembered my girls.  It was so sweet!  AG loved seeing her dressed in her village dress since we'd not seen that before either.  SO thankful for this sweet spirit who took time to make this so special...and who truly cared.  

More photos from Christmas at GKTW this evening...

And back to Universal... {they are all over the place thanks to multiple devices!}

This girl LOVES a banana!  We have photos of her in the orphanage eating one and not much has changed in that regard! She would pick it over just about anything.

When we were walking around Universal, we stumbled upon a big Dora the Explorer show in the road.  As soon as the guy blocking the crowd from getting on the road saw us, he said "Come with me!"  As soon as the show was over, we were personally escorted to every single character and put in the front of the line at each one.  Truly treated like royalty!  The kids loved it!!! made our trip much faster so we could get back for Christmas! 

Leave it to AG to like the monkey the most! :) 

They had a lot of roller coasters and simulator type rides that just aren't anything AG can ever do due to her brain surgery {essentially there's a patch holding her brain in place & about a quarter sized piece of her skull missing there anything with a jarring, whiplash motion is out to keep her safe}. Universal was so accommodating and allowed her to sit in on the rides but on the front in secure seating where she could put on the glasses and enjoy it but didn't have to be in a simulator seat even though she was too small to meet height requirements.  So basically she got to do anything she wanted with a little help!   So kind!  

Bear has been asking for an airbrush tattoo for days and saw this kiosk when we arrived.  He waited all day to get his cross tattoo on his arm.  :) 

This is the box where AG put her star at GKTW.  The Star Fairy put it up overnight while she slept! :)

She found this chair in the Castle of Miracles and promptly made herself Queen! 

These guys were probably our favorites!  Shrek and Donkey just make everyone laugh! 

AG's star!  She wanted it to say "Panda" and have hearts.  She designed every bit and was so thrilled to have a star among all the other amazing wish children! 

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