Wednesday, December 05, 2018

{Make A Wish Trip: Magic Kingdom}

THE BEST DAY.  Florida surprised us this day and gave us a sunny yet chilly Wednesday.  We were still determined to stay for the grand finale fireworks spectacular late into the evening and purchased some souvenir Mickey Mouse Snuggie fleece blankets to help keep us warm-ish.  We did it all today. Dinner at The Crystal Palace with Pooh and Friends...met every single princess known to man...rode Space Mountain...and every other mountain WDW has to offer.  The youngest three "acted" in Belle's Enchanted Tales and were whisked to the front of every line.  We all found a ride we loved and rode it together...three times in a row...because when you have a Genie Pass you can.  We took the monorail into the MK and the ferry out.  We laughed and wept and danced and sat so still in awe of the magic of this very place.  It was everything we could have hoped for and every wish our girl had truly did come true.

This photo in this place.  Again.  10 years apart.  As soon as we finished dinner, I whispered to Scott "We have to take a picture here."  He knew why immediately.  Ten years ago this past fall, my sweet daddy took our little family and my sister to Disney.  It was a special trip.  2008 had been a hard year and my daddy had planned this to get us out of town and a place that held so much joy from my childhood.  We took a photo there ten years ago with one little 4 year old boy plopped on my daddy's lap.  We had buried our Annabelle just months earlier and I remember not being sure I'd ever have another child...And here we are now.  This is what God does with open hands to His plan.  He adds a rainbow boy, a long awaited daughter and the sweetest little surprise cherry on top.  He is the God of immeasurably more. 

AG and Elsa had a moment during this parade.  Scott and I just watched them in awe.  Kisses were blown and dreams were fulfilled. 

AJ adores Pooh!  I honestly don't know if she's ever seen Pooh with us or not.  We don't watch much TV at all but somehow she knew exactly who Pooh was and was not scared of him in the least.  Maybe she learned about him in China?  Very possible! 

And this one proves it...she was fine with Pooh but when Piglet went to get next to Bear for a photo...she was not having it! 

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