Tuesday, December 04, 2018

{Make A Wish Trip: Sea World & GKTW}

Today was SO much fun!  We decided to split up our Disney days and make them M/W/F this week and use the other two days for shorter outings...today that meant Sea World!  We also made it back just in time to go get our nails done at the Rockin Spa here at GKTW and have Miss Merry {GKTW's character bunny} come to our villa to tuck AG into bed.  It was the sweetest!  The boys also got in some putt-putt and rode the train.  Since it was Mayor Clayton's birthday party tonight, we joined others staying here for the fun and rode rides in the dark!  This place truly is everything any child could ever dream of!

The penguins were super cute but it was also super cold in there!  AG didn't care much for that! 

This, however, was right up her alley!  The killer whale show never disappoints!  We got priority seating and had amazing seats.  I remember seeing this as a child and just being in awe....well, it definitely still has that effect! WOW! I also have to mention that we were really impressed to hear Casting Crowns playing on the speakers throughout Sea World.  They were playing Christian Christmas music and even had a Nativity show.  So awesome! 

AG loved feeding the sea lions!  

Volunteers ran the Rockin Spa at GKTW for several hours a day so we wanted to be sure to get by for some girl time! I ended up painting AJ's nails for the first time here.  It was so special! 

What do you know?!?!  Back for more ice cream! 

And...then over to have some fun at Mayor Clayton's Birthday Bash! {He is the "hubby" of Miss Merry and the main character here at GKTW}

Rides at night!  SO FUN! 

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