Monday, December 03, 2018

{Make A Wish Trip: Animal Kingdom & Epcot}

We began our first full day here with breakfast at GKTW and meeting some Disney characters that come to the village several times a week for the kiddos!  With the Genie Pass at Disney, we never waited in line to meet a character but just didn't make our way to all of them so having the option of seeing them right across the hall from breakfast was wonderful.  After breakfast, we headed to Animal Kingdom for a few hours and then Epcot to wrap up the day with dinner with the princesses in Norway.  Being here during the Christmas season has also been the best!  Everything everywhere is decked out for the holidays and there are lots of extra events going on that we can enjoy too.  Everything seems to have an extra magical Christmas spin!

GKTW has volunteers that are everywhere to help...including taking photos to put on to discs for you so you don't have to carry around cameras.  I still had my big one one hand a good bit but had to gather photos from 5 different places to get everything together! 

AJ wasn't so sure of most characters and that was perfectly OK!  She did really like Pooh and Minnie though...and the princesses, of course!  

Every person we saw really spent extra time with AG.  We would just boogie to the exit of each character line and flash our MAW/Genie pass and they'd let AG go next.  We also were given a free photo pass with Disney so that they automatically uploaded all our photos taken by every Disney photographer to my phone.  Incredible! 

The butterfly bench right outside of the Town Square at GKTW kinda did me in.  It was a sweet reminder of our first babygirl and her life that led us to this moment. 

The girls enjoyed a lemon ice while the boys conquered Mt. Everest! 

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